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Some of you may remember that I’ve worked with Emily from Createyou86 before on our April Planning series, which you can find here. Recently when I opened my Etsy Shop, Emily contacted me and asked if my mom and I would like to do a review swap. Which essentially just means we send her some stickers she’ll send us a fauxdori (a non-brand specific remake of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook) from her shop and we review them! So, in the end neither of us were paid for our reviews. Emily was kind enough to send us each a fauxdori to review, my mom wrote down her review for me, so anything that is in blue is what she said! 🙂 I’ve been eyeing Emily’s Fauxdori’s for quite a while. I wanted to buy one, but wasn’t sure if I’d like the concept. As y’all may know I am a serious Erin Condren Lover… (which, shockingly might have changed now! Check out my Instagram for updates on what planner I’m using!).So when Emily approached me and said she’d send me one for free, I was super excited! side note: NO the Fauxdori’s are not pricey (more info on that down below), I just didn’t want to spend money on something I wasn’t sure I’d like!


We’ll start from the beginning Emily told me she sent her package and I was only expecting one Fauxdori that my mom and I were planning to share it for our Etsy stuff! When it got here we were shocked! Emily sent TWO Fauxdori’s; one in the mini size, and one in the fieldnotes size. My mom chose the mini one, and I went with the fieldnotes size.

CreateYou86 Fauxdori's-Mini and fieldnotes size

CreateYou86 Fauxdori’s: Fieldnotes (left) and Mini (right)

First Impressions:

  • the woven material covers are actually much more appealing than expected
  • the edges of the covers are a bit sharp at first

CreateYou86 Fauxdori (MINI):

Mini Fauxdori

Mini Fauxdori

Price: $6.00 US + $2.50 shipping

Size: 3.25 in. wide by 4.5 in. tall

  • comes with first insert

My mom chose this one because of the size. She wanted to keep it close to her while she worked on designing our stickers in our shop. She wanted to keep color hex/RGB codes in it. Which worked fine. The only thing she didn’t like was the size. Her words exactly: “I like the idea of the fauxdori, but the mini-size just isn’t for me. This isn’t saying the product is bad, just that for me, the size is not big enough”. Now for me, that is the same reason I chose the fieldnotes size instead just because it’s a few inches bigger. If you’re familiar with Midori sizes and the mini works for you then this might be the perfect option! Super affordable, and cute! 

CreateYou86 Fauxdori (FIELDNOTES):

Fieldnotes Fauxdori

Fieldnotes Fauxdori

Price: $8.00 US+ $2.50 shipping

Size: 4 in. wide by 5 in. tall

  • comes with first insert

Now I chose this one because of the size. It was bigger than the mini, but small enough to fit into my bag. I have been using this to take notes for things with our Etsy shop and I feel like it’s the perfect size for me. I have medium sized handwriting and I can fit lots on each page! I did have an issue with the elastic closure coming out, but I cannot be sure that the cat didn’t do it! 😉 I also just used some tweezers to push it back through and it’s completely functional now!


CreateYou86 Shop Info:  You find their shop here, or by going to their blog and clicking the sales tab!

  • Their Fauxdori’s come in 4 sizes: Mini, Fieldnotes, Large & Extra Large.
  • All sizes EXCEPT Extra Large come with first insert.
  • Shipping is always $2.50, and shipping for orders over $20 is free!
  • All the covers are handmade with high-quality products
  • 3 day shipping on ALL orders
  • U.S. Shipping only at this time (sorry!)



Would I recommend these? YES. They are super affordable and a great quality product. One hope I have is that one day (hopefully soon) Emily will make covers that are different colors! It would be nice to have brighter colors, but I do like the different-style that the brown/black woven cover gives. Please be sure to visit the CreateYou86 shop to check out their fauxdoris, and the Createyou86 blog for Emily’s review on the stickers from our shop, Moogley&Me! 🙂

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