Hawaii Vlogs| Shark Cage, Snorkeling && TATTOO!?

I’ve decided to upload parts of my trip and share them with y’all! 🙂 Part One: Shark Cage Part Two: Snorkeling! Both videos will be down below as they get uploaded! Breaking up the vlog in parts makes viewing, editing, and uploading easier for me and you! Thanks for watching! —————————————————————————— Part One: Shark Cage off of the North Shore in Oahu! 🙂 —————————————————————————— Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated and receive special information/offers from Justmoogley.com! Just use the sign up section to the right of the page! See you next time,     Disclaimer: This post is not being sponsored, nor

Meet Becky, our guest beauty blogger!

Hi guys! My name is Becky and I am extremely excited to be working with Megan! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that she chose me to be her guest blogger!  So I will begin with introducing myself and letting you know what I am all about. I am 24! Although I am currently obsessed with all things girly, I haven’t always been. I just recently got into the whole makeup and nails thing because growing up I was a major “tom boy”. Oh my, was I missing out! I find makeup so fun to experiment with.

Meet Allie, our planning/organization guest blogger!

Hello readers! I am Allie. I am a wife and mom to a beautiful family. I live in Florida and it can be gorgeous sometimes, but don’t get too jealous because during the heat of the summer we are running inside to get away from all those nasty mosquitos. I have a blog Petite Allie that I write about a few different topics. Some of the ones I focus on are Letters to myself, books reviews, Project 1/3, Friday reads and a weekly (ish) update about what is happening with my little family. I am going to focusing on planning and

Guest Blogger Application! |Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Here on Justmoogley.com we are looking for GUEST BLOGGERS! YES! We are looking for 1-2 bloggers! 1 for the more beauty aspect of our site and 1 for the more planning/organization aspect of our site! Of course this all depends on the amount of applications we receive! As in the description of the application, we would require that our blogger(s) be able to post at least ONCE a week. You do not have to be currently be a blogger/youtuber to apply.We are looking for honest, trustworthy, creative and talented people. We are not so much paying attention to the ‘internet-fame’,

#FurryFriend TAG!

Time for #FurryFriendFriday! Here’s a tag I’ve seen going around YouTube and the blogosphere, so I though I’d contribute a little. 🙂 1. What are your pets names? Fester (that’s him right to the left) Marceline Lilli Charlie         2. What kind of pets are they, and what breed are they?  Fester is a dog, he’s  a Boston Terrier. Marceline is a cat, she’s a  Tabby. Lilli is also a dog, she’s a Chihuahua. Charlie is our bunny.  3. How long have you had your pets? Fester became a part of our family in March of 2010. We


So, I’ve got this cousin, and she’s kinda my bestfriend.   Kristyn and I weren’t very close until I was in middle school, and she was about 16, so about 5-6 years. I’m not sure what happened to make us closer than we were, but whatever it was, I’m thankful for it.   We have been through so much together, be it silly fights(or at the time, not so silly fights), boy troubles, and anything else that came our way. We spent time where we weren’t really friends anymore, and spent a lot time together like to the point we’d want

What’s on my mind?

When I started blogging, I had no idea what I wanted to post, I just knew what I wanted my blog to be about. Now, I’ve made it clear to myself that I want this site to be an online rendition of my journals. I have a habit of journaling pretty much everything I think. I’ll make lists of things I want to do, need to do, or things I’ve done. I’ll doodle, or practice my handwriting, since it’s not the best. Recently, I even made a scaled floor plan of my room in one of my journals so I

Choosing my friends.

John Green being my favorite author, I couldn’t resist talking about this quote I found in some old pictures on my phone.   I’ll admit, choosing who I wanted to be friends with used to be a lot harder than it is now. When I was in middle school, and starting high school, I always wanted to be friends with the prettiest girls in school. I thought they would make me more popular, more people, boys especially, would like me and I would have more ‘friends’. Now, as a senior in high school, I can tell you 90% of the

Blogging is apparently harder than it looks.


I’ve had this site for months. I just recently decided what I wanted to do with it, blogging… I had my step-dad help me find a theme I liked, and make me a logo. Now the only thing left is to use my inner writing skills, or lack thereof, to decide on what kind of blog I wanted. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write about fashion, beauty, gaming, or my life. I texted my dad, who is a pretty tech-savvy dude. Our conversation didn’t totally help me,  it really just put me in a situation, where I had to

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